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Pata Salada Tour

Each city has its own traditions and cuisine, Mazatlan is full of both. Founded in 1531 Mazatlan has an incredible and interesting history, because of its location at the union of Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, Mazatlan is famous for its delicious seafood and earned the name of the “shrimp and tuna capital”. 

Pata salada is the knick name given to people who were born in Mazatlan, on this tour we will show you the "pata salada" pride. You will be delighted with the most representative dishes of this port, while you will learn from its history and traditions as we move from one place to another making you feel a real Mazatleco. If you want a tour that combines everything in one ,history, sight seen and amazing food this is the tour for you.

Not recommended for people with seafood allergies, vegans or vegetarians.

Are you a group or want a private tour?

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Información del Tour

Martes, Jueves y Viernes  |  10:00AM-2:00PM


3.5-4 horas



​Como vestir



Punto de reunión


Adulto: $60 US dlls   Niños: $50 US dlls

 Caminando y Auriga Taxi

Español e inglés

Cafe Looney Bean, Paseo Olas Altas, #166, Centro.


Ropa y zapatos cómodos y sombrero

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Just amazing and incredibly delicious food, I could never find on my own this venues, now I know what is like to eat like a Mazatleco or Pata Salada. 

-Martin Smith

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Meet your guides

Paola, Juan Pablo and Rommy

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