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Cooking Classes

Learn about Mexico´s culture and diversity through food. Get to know the ingredients, how we cook them and eat them will give you

the chance experience an authentic and unique experience .

Our cultural cooking classes go beyond a cooking session, they are a trip to the history and traditions of Mexican food. In our cooking classes we will share recipes of traditional Mexican gastronomy. We also will tell you the story behind the dishes in an interesting, and fun way. Cultural cooking classes a delicious things to do in Mazatlan.

All ingredients, drinks, lunch, & recipe book

What it includes


Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30-8:00PM  


4 hours


English & Spanish


Address will be given upon confirmation. 

Cost per person

$70 US dlls  -  $1400 pesos

Group Size

6 people (max)

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We can adapt to vegans and vegetarians!

Are you a group or want a special time and date?

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Mazatlan's signature dishes

$70 DLLS or $1400 pesos  Tuesdays or Thursdays at 4:30pm

Mazatlan is famously know for its delicious food. Join this wonderful class and learn how to make agua chile, ceviches, asado a la plaza, shrimp and tacos dorados Sinaloa styleIf you really want to go into local food, this is the class for you.

Chile is the icon of Mexican food and the source of flavor and soul of mexicans. Chile has been included in all meals by all Mexican cultures. In this cooking class you will learn about the different varieties of chiles, their names and different uses in soups, enchiladas, marinades and of course chiles rellenos (stuff peppers).

$70 DLLS or $1400 pesos | Tue or Thurs at 4:30pm

Chile, the source of flavor

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The gems of Mexican cuisine,

tomatoes, vanilla and beans

These ingredients are a fundamental part of the most recognized cuisines in the world, what would be of Italian food without the tomato? or the French pastry without the vanilla?, definitely they are the precious stones not only of Mexican gastronomy but of the world´s cuisine. Learn to cook Mexican food such as flan, enchiladas and soups with these ingredients. 

$70 DLLS or $1400 pesos | Tuesdays or Thursdays at 4:30pm

A journey through Mexico through

its tacos

Tacos are the best-known dish of Mexican gastronomy. The variety of tacos is enormous, each region of the country has its own type of tacos. Connect the history of this emblematic Mexican dish and different regions of Mexico through its typical tacos. We will cook 4 or 5 different tacos from the north to the south of Mexico.


$70 DLLS or $1400 pesos

 Tuesdays or Thursdays at 4:30pm

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This culinary experience exceeded my expectations! Not only did we get to help prepare three amazing dishes but we learned about the cultural significance of corn-the focal point of the session. The time passed quickly with a fun, relaxed tone. I am looking forward to my next visit to Mazatlan and my next class.

- Florence Bingham

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Want to take more than one class?

2 Classes US$110  |  4 Classes US$200  |  6 Classes US$270

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