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Mexican Culinary Experiences

- Culinary Curator -

I am Paola Osuna and I am a lover of Mexico its culture, traditions, and customs. I was born and raised in Mazatlan. I am a "Pata Salada" (name given to locals born in Mazatlan). I love to travel, discover different ways of life, cook, eat and meet people.

I had the opportunity to live in various places in Mexico and abroad and for a long time I thought it would be amazing to be able to do this that I love and I am passionate about a lifestyle and be able to share it with more people , because I think that sharing what you love It makes a person happier and that is contagious.


Thinking like this comes TOMATL, Mexican Culinary Experiences, collecting my travel experiences, constant search for authentic and original places to eat wherever I was, talking to people, buying in markets, taking out family recipes and decoding my mother's hieroglyphs , my courses and cooking classes and my experience as founder and owner of a restaurant for some years. 

At TOMATL, we have a genuine interest in promoting and spreading the culture of Mexico through gastronomy that is our passion. Creating authentic and unique experiences so that through them you can understand, feel and live the culture of Mexico and especially of Mazatlan.

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