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Our cultural cooking classes go beyond a cooking session, they are trip to the history and traditions of mexican food. In our classes we will share recipes of traditional dishes and will tell you the story behind them in an interesting, delicious and fun way.

Cooking classes

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Food tours

The best way to get to know a place is by walking its streets, talking to its people and tasting local food. Our cultural food tours guide you in an experience in which you blend in with the locals, eating where they eat, shopping where they shop and just share a day with them.

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We were lucky to find out about these amazing cooking classes held in Mazatlan. We spent several hours learning about Mexican cuisine, ingredients and culture. We got to prepare the food and (best of all) taste it!


The class is really well organized and your group learns and cooks together. Paola is an excellent teacher and explains why things are done the way they are. She provides insight into why certain ingredients are used and what cultural significance they have. She can answer any questions and is happy to!

I'd definitely recommend this class to anyone. My boyfriend and I really enjoyed it.

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- Samantha Lemna

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Make amazing memories.

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